iZAC Coin Proving Who You Are

Rod Harrison, Director and Founder, iZAC Coin Global

Have you noticed how much identity theft there is these days? I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to prove beyond doubt who you are. I believe the only true test is one of biometrics, however; even a face scan needs to be supported by a verified personal identification document or else what are you comparing against? AS well as these documents need to be from a trusted/ certified Government authority.

I’m Rod a director and founder of IZAC Coin Global, allow me to tell you about our intelligent Zero Knowledge Access Control solution we call it “iZAC”. Simply put, our system links your Government identification with a biometric like a fingerprint or a face scan. This all happens online within a distributed blockchain system that contains pointers to the Government held documents. As the blockchain is highly encrypted and unlocked only with your biometric signature, you don’t even need an App or a smart phone, its very safe from tampering and can not be accessed without your correct biometric.

Allow me to introduce a common use scenario:

Unfortunately your house is lost in a national emergency, an out of control fire. All your photos, clothes and documents are lost in the inferno. Some days later you go your bank and ask them to give you a new bank card to access to your cash, the first question your asked is for your driving licence. You look at the teller and explain again your documents were lost, they explain the bank’s policy is to verify everyone’s identification before they can issue you with a replacement card. The teller suggests you visit the local government department to get a replacement driving license and return.

At the government department you explain the issue with the fire and how all your papers were lost and that you need new documents for the bank. The first question the government clerk asks you is, “do you have your birth certificate and proof of address”.…hmmmm

So how will you now prove to the government agency you are you?

But imagine this scenario for a min;

You enter the government department and walk up to the counter. The person greats you by name like they know you personally and offers you an emergency cheque and asks if all you need is the replacement driving license today. They also say their very sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your home.

So how does this work?

This government department has a camera mounted behind the counter. The camera scans the faces of everyone who enters the building. Face recognition software detects your face on the iZAC blockchain and aligns your identity with the address of the recent tragic events (the fire in this case). This information is presented to the person at the counter together with a number items you would require in such emergency situations. The person at the counter now has formally identified you via a secure blockchain biometric and a smart contract has presented to them a checklist of items that you will need and can best help you in this crisis i.e.the replacement Driving License and approved the access to the national emergency funding until you can establish access to your insurance or your bank accounts.

This may sound like a fantasy to you but the team at iZAC Coin have this working model today. We would now like to invite you to purchase iZAC Tokens and to become a miner of the iZAC ecosystem. Miners will enjoy special rewards and the knowledge they are protecting the internet from identity theft. Our miners rewards are in line with other systems based rewards on the Ethereum network.