Multisys Technologies Corporation: Nipping the Data Breaches in the Bud

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David Almirol, CEO & President, Multisys Technologies CorporationDavid Almirol Jr., CEO & President
In recent years, several prominent entertainment studios were helpless when hackers gained access to their servers and pilfered everything from full releases of unreleased shows, to sensitive internal documents. New episodes of popular shows were leaked online weeks before their scheduled TV release, causing considerable distress to the studios. It was later revealed that while the media giants kept all their files behind heavily-encrypted security, the level of security didn’t extend to individual employees, who were reportedly logging onto Windows systems devoid of modern authentication modules. Reacting to the frenzied data breaches, organizations across the entertainment industry have shored up their cybersecurity. However, they must remain vigilant in their efforts to ward off hackers, who grow more sophisticated by the hour.

In this never-ending game of cat-and-mouse between hackers and cyber specialists, corporations are under pressure to stay a step ahead of the predator. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) with a biometric element has emerged as a popular solution for one simple reason—it is near impossible to replicate. Gradually, users of this technology have shifted from fingerprint and/or iris scans with four-digit pins to AI-driven facial recognition to verify users accurately. An industry leader in biometric technology, Multisys Technologies Corporation has kept pace with the changing trends in the MFA spectrum. Delivering cutting-edge software that ensures a client’s long-term identity and data security, Multisys’ solutions are infinitely more reliable than traditional authentication tools and procedures. A recipient of several awards for its premier software suite, Multisys takes pride in its ability to design tailor-made solutions across diverse industry verticals. “MultiSys is changing the game in the software industry by creating customized solutions for various industries. We have developed sets of ready-made modules that can be added or removed in any system solution. One of them is the MFA solution,” says David Almirol, CEO of MultiSys, a Philippines-based software engineering solutions company that provides a wide range of cost-effective and full-scale solutions.

Simplifying Biometrics Capture and Matching Systems

The ready-made modules are represented in 20 solutions that cater to eight industry sectors, namely: IT, government, utilities, healthcare, retail, hospitality, banking & finance, and the academe. The MFA solution, titled BioMat, is a copyrighted platform of MultiSys that uses software and hardware to simplify biometrics capture and matching systems development by integrating and validating the following features: face, iris, fingerprints, and signature.

“Our MFA solution is an integration of multiple platforms and modules but mainly focuses on our BioMat solution and log-in module. Our log-in security technology ensures military-grade encryption for those registering with passwords, PINs, and KBAs. We are also able to utilize and integrate with hardware solutions such as ID cards, mobile devices, and more. After that, we merge into one system uniquely tailored for each company,” explains Almirol.

We are able to integrate our system with other providers and can customize software and hardware system solutions into one tailor-made solution that fits the needs of our partners

Besides helping organizations guard against fraudulent activities and anomalies through individual authentication, BioMat is a competent tool for human resource managers who can gain transparency while tracking employee attendance. The MFA solution is also a hit in the Philippines government and aviation sectors as a civil identification tool to register big populations and reduce the need to prove one’s identity.

Since most companies and even big conglomerates run their businesses with different authentication solutions from various third-party vendors, BioMat offers a plug-and-play module that can be easily integrated with a client’s existing solution. “At Multisys, we try to understand the needs and goals of businesses before recommending a solution. We are able to integrate our system with other providers and can customize software and hardware systems into one tailor-made solution that fits the needs of our partners. Whether login codes, biometrics, or authentication devices, we make sure that ours and our partners’ authentication solutions are seamless,” explains Almirol.

Staying Abreast of Emerging Technologies

Though BioMat has a proven track record of helping organizations improve their security measures, human resource tracking, and civil identification, Multisys doesn’t leave any stone unturned in constantly fine-tuning its industry-leading MFA solution. On that note, Multisys’ competent R&D team stays ahead of the curve and constantly modifies its offerings. “Even though our main focus is on software, we are able to connect with hardware and are always on the lookout for new devices. Our R&D team is currently developing MFA products that involve a palm and vein scanner. We also have a team of white hat hackers to ensure that every systems implementation has been run through penetration testing,” informs Almirol.

This intrinsic ability to alter and redefine its solutions aside, Multisys is able to stand out in the marketplace due to its willingness to work with companies of all sizes. In fact, Almirol & Co. don’t view any of the other MFA solution providers as direct competition to Multisys. “We don’t see competitions but rather partnerships. We find the good qualities in others and combine their strengths with ours, to help build a better tomorrow. We constantly find ourselves leveraging on the latest technology and strive to enhance it by integrating with multiple systems. Through such integrations, we expand the usability of technologies,” adds Almirol.

Multisys, driven by 200 employees including 75 elite full-stack programmers, is poised to continue growing at a rapid pace. With a deep bench of both young and seasoned IT professionals, Multisys is equipped with adequate ammunition to drive business for the company and optimal results for its customers. As the biometric industry moves past fingerprints, iris scans, and facial recognition to adopt palm and vein scanners as more accurate means of verifying identity, the Multisys advanced R&D team plans to push the envelope and design new solutions. “We are constantly expanding and updating our existing programs. Since the possibilities of creating new solutions are endless, we are excited for more,” concludes Almirol.
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Multisys Technologies Corporation

Multisys Technologies Corporation

Paranaque, Philippines

David Almirol Jr., CEO & President

MULTISYS TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (MULTISYS) is a software engineering solutions firm that provides a wide range, cost-effective, and full scale service to tailor-fit and empower businesses. Focused on research and development by providing vision, strategy, and outstanding implementation in system solutions, MULTISYS is passionate in bringing exceptional service, efficient workforce, and customer satisfaction to keep partners staying ahead of the curve. Backed by a team of expert programming engineers, MULTISYS confidently assures quality delivered likewise excellent customer support service to meet every partner’s needs above and beyond. MULTISYS partners with both government entities and private institutions in the Philippines as the technology arm to help fulfill business objectives and to keep innovating with advanced software solutions

Multisys Technologies Corporation News

Multisys Launches the New Bayad Center App

Filipinos can now pay over 1,000 types of bills and perform other financial transactions practically anywhere using the new Bayad Center App.

Bayad Center, in partnership with the leading software company, MultiSys, recently launched the new & improved app in a bid to make digital financial services even more accessible, and promote cashless payments for consumers to make payments easily and securely via their mobile phones.

“Together with MultiSys, we are able to provide the luxury of convenience for payment transactions by utilizing a next-generation mobile payment application where anyone can pay not only their bills, but even their government contributions and online transaction fees, loan payments, traffic violation tickets, online shopping and ordering, mobile prepaid loads, and more e-commerce services in the comfort of their homes,” CIS Bayad Center president and CEO Manny Tuason said.

The new Bayad Center App introduces additional features such as loading prepaid, sending and receiving of funds, scanning payments via QR code, and adding security features like fingerprint scan, 4-digit MPIN, one-time PIN (OTP) verification, and face recognition.

Mr. Tuason adds that their collaboration with MultiSys will continue as the app is set to add new services combining the different fintech modules, such as: ride-hailing, professional e-services, food & parcel delivery, lodging & vehicle rental, and even travel & hotel booking apps, into one lifestyle super app.

The new Bayad Center App is now available both on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

“Launching the new Bayad Center App amplifies the digital experience of anyone paying their Meralco bills and other utilities on time. More services will soon be added and we are excited for what’s to come,” said the newly appointed President & CEO of Meralco and Bayad Center Board of Director, Atty. Ray C. Espinosa.

MultiSys CEO David Almirol Jr. says that their company aims to bring innovative, creative, and futuristic systems solutions to the Philippines to boost technology adoption in different sectors of the country. Earlier, the company announced the eight priority sectors for the rollout of its software technology services, namely: information technology, government, healthcare, utilities, hospitality, retail, banking and finance, and the academe.

“We want to empower users by giving them the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever they want. Backed by our industry partners such as Bayad Center, we will continue to develop innovative and easy-to-use digital solutions that will provide convenience to more Filipinos,” says Almirol.

David adds, “This Pinoy-made app will not only elevate the lifestyle of every Filipino but to also put a solid proof that we Filipinos are more than capable of showing our advanced skills, capabilities, and competitiveness in the global IT landscape.”

In November 2018, PLDT invested P2.15 billion in MultiSys to achieve the telco provider’s goal of becoming a full-scale digital services provider.