Entrypass: Integrated Approach to Security Management

Ryan Tan, Executive Director, EntrypassRyan Tan, Executive Director
The alarming rise in security breaches and other nefarious activities in the past few years have obligated organizations to keep facilities, people, and assets safe from real-world threats. Despite acknowledging the benefits of innovative security technologies, organizations are still hesitant to adopt them. The reason: lack of standard tools and in-house expertise that pose as a hurdle for successful implementation. Add to that, organizations have to rely on discrete security solutions deployed by multiple vendors for various security needs, which is expensive, inefficient, and cumbersome. The need of the hour is a robust integrated security solution that can help organizations to effectively monitor, manage, and safeguard the entire facility and its resources.

This is precisely where Entrypass comes into the picture with its global unified security platform that assures organizations across sectors a safer and a worry free environment. With over 15 years of experience in the security landscape, Entrypass is specialized in delivering reliable and flexible physical security solutions. From visitor management to access control and sensor point monitoring, Entrypass has it all covered.

“Our ultimate objective is to make the entire access process ‘’smarter”. To achieve that feat, we have developed an Event and Solution Awareness System that helps organizations in keeping facilities and its resources safe and secure,” says Ryan Tan, Executive Director of Entrypass. Organizations can deploy Entrypass’s single platform that embeds multiple security systems, to reduce IT infrastructure expenditures and total cost of ownership. Designed as a client-server-based Windows application, the robust access control platform provides many integrated features, making it easily adaptable to today’s most demanding physical security system architecture.

The company has adopted all the latest technologies such as AI, deep learning, and mobility and combined with proprietary active network technology to deliver ground breaking systems that offer speed, scalability, and simplicity.

Our ultimate objective is to make the entire access process smarter

Entrypass’s proprietary AI-based facial recognition system enables organizations to efficiently manage door access control. Along with that, they have also built a visitor management system that uses a dynamic QR code to track visitors and ease their access process.

Justifying their tagline “Total Control in Your Hand,” the company gives users the entire access control to determine and reconfigure settings as and when they require and take the front seat while making decisions during critical scenarios. Empowering end users with complete access control is what makes Entrypass second to none.

Elaborating more on their value proposition, Ryan highlights the significance of data while using physical security solutions. He says, “The success of adopting physical security solutions depends on how well organizations use the data accumulated from various security systems.”

To facilitate end-users in gaining insights from data, Entrypass has built a semantic web based event management platform to deliver high-performance real-time event management, workflow with dynamic response planning and advanced notification distribution. It allows end-users to collect and aggregate data from various sources such as intrusion alarm systems, video content analytics systems, and facial recognition systems. The aggregated data is analyzed and actionable insights are delivered to end-users helping them take corrective action in order to prevent undesirable incidents from happening. “Our primary task is to aggregate the data together, centralize and manage while integrating isolated systems and empowering end-users with situational awareness,” states Ryan.

With vast experience and dynamic capabilities, Entrypass serves as the most reliable and trusted security service provider for all industries including banking, governance, education, and more. As a professional security service provider, Entrypass has already marked its presence in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia with the next milestone set on conquering the Asia market. “We envision fortifying the world with a constant and continuous sense of security, toward fostering a peaceful global community,” concludes Tan.
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Selangor, Malaysia

Ryan Tan, Executive Director

Entrypass provides high-value proposition and best price-performance ratio products and solutions to serve the world with a constant and continuous sense of security, harnessing a peaceful global community. Entrypass have extended the expertise to a spectrum of professional establishments with innovative integrated platform that covers various modules in physical security. These include but are not limited to; door access control, elevator access control, time and attendance, car park control, barrier control, interactive floor plan, online guard-tour, sensor point monitoring, integration with biometric technologies and visitor management. To date, Entrypass Corporation has distributed physical access control panels over 25 countries worldwide, while providing unified security solutions - aligned with global international standards