BioRugged: "Rugged" Biometrics for Enhanced Verification

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Hof Retief, COO, BioRuggedHof Retief, COO
In today’s digital age where far-reaching data breaches, identity theft, and account takeovers are making huge headlines, organizations in the public and private sectors need a reliable way to know an individual/customer, verify who they claim they are, and screen them against a watch list. Although the security market is overwhelmed with several innovative authentication tools, most of them are expensive, lack standardization, and have poor delivery time frames. Add to this, there is an over-arching need for today’s corporate, SMEs and public CIOs to have deeper understanding, knowledge, and education about the digital world. As these SMEs and CIOs limited knowledge regarding the trending digital systems, they hesitate to recommend innovative authentication tools to their executives.

Transforming the current shape of digital identity and authentication space through the use of advanced authentication tools is BioRugged. The company offers a range of rugged enterprise authentication products featuring thermal printing, fingerprinting, and POS capabilities. Strongly focused on biometrics, BioRugged uses their revolutionary process to guide, support, and help implement the authentication tools that meet customers’ requirements irrespective of their sector. These verification devices are durable and affordable making them suitable for rural and urban deployment. “Our unique product life-cycle process comprising the “Why-Who-What-Where” approach ensures optimal, cost-effective yet efficient fit-for-purpose solutions,” remarks Hof Retief, COO, BioRugged.

The various biometric tools, be-it fingerprints, iris, palm, voice or even DNA, carries unique identification features, and the use of multiple systems for their verification undoubtedly delivers increased robustness, consistency, and accuracy into the system. However, with BioRugged’s multi-factor authentication solutions, a single rugged device, user can scan multiple biometric credentials to verify the identity and authenticity of individuals effectively.

Our unique project life-cycle process comprising the “Why-Who-What-Where” approach ensures optimal, cost-effective yet efficient fit-for-purpose solutions

These multi-factor oriented systems are developed with the best design practice and deliver the advantages of authentication speed, affordability, and ease in enrollment.

Along with enhanced connectivity, smartphones have brought about immense digital convenience in every industry. Banks are adopting mobile banking services for their operations in locations across the globe where there is a lack of adequate infrastructure and financial support. BioRugged’s experience in the mobile telecommunications industry along with their range of rugged biometric solutions have helped mobile operators solve their verification and geographical challenges lending further credibility to the rock-solid foundation and reputation that the company has built over the years.

Retief narrates on how a mobile operator in Africa who had collaborated with a bank had approached BioRugged requesting for a device that could enable mobile banking applicants to enroll from any geographical area. “BioRugged developed a semi-integrated device equipped with a rugged mobile terminal, high-resolution 8MP camera for quality pictures and an OTG connection to a Suprema fingerprint reader, which is FBI complaint,” says Retief. Biorugged’s LCC is a cost-effective authentication device that possesses a certain degree of physical strength enabling it to work in challenging environments. BioRugged’s verification device has been successful in enrolling applicants, enhancing mobile banking experience in developing areas and is also used in biometric voter’s registration and KYC applications.

BioRugged has leveraged their expertise and knowledge of working in the mobile telecommunications industry to constantly update their product range and bring out the best of the biometric solutions available in the market. The company is planning to widen their reach to China within the short term and expand their technical, marketing, and logistics team in China and Africa. “Committed to helping Africa, which has a varied, rich, and unique culture, BioRugged intends to find a place in the e-world through our distinct identification and authentication solutions,” Retief concludes.
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Johannesburg, Gauteng

Hof Retief, COO

BioRugged has a range of rugged enterprise terminals with a strong focus on BioMetrics. These devices are both durable and affordable for rural and urban deployment. By remaining innovative, flexible and customer-focused, the company aspires to become the world’s leading developer and supplier of biometric terminals and specialized devices. Biorugged’s experience and lessons-learnt in the indisputably successful mobile communication industry enables them to conceive, design, manufacture, and implement optimized solutions into other public and business sectors and is the key-to-success in delivering success to their customers